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Dog Kennels

Our kennels feature composite decking material on the exterior flooring surface and enclosed with chain link fencing.  There is a dog door between the fenced area and the interior of the building. For easy cleaning access, we put a walk in chain link door in the open air area and a walk in door to each run to get inside the building. 

Standard Sizes Include:

8'x14'  -  1 Dog

8'x14'  -  2 Dog

12'x14'  - 3 Dog

12'x16'  -  4 Dog

Our most popular dog kennel is an 8'x14' with two separate runs.  Kennels can be t-1-11 stained wood or Smart Siding which is painted and comes with a 50 year guarantee! They are constructed similar to homes and storage sheds so they are built to last a lifetime!

Free delivery and set up! 

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Dog Kennel 2.jpg
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