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The metal carports we sell go to residences and businesses in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky & Ohio. Our carports come standard with the roof and frame, then at the option of the purchaser the sides and/or ends can be closed partially or enclosed completely. You can also completely enclose your carport. Metal carports are available in 12 gauge or 14 gauge steel framing with 29 gauge steel panels on the roof and sides. Our 14 gauge tubing is 2.5" and the 12 guage tubing is 2.25".

Does the price for the carport on the following pages include shipping, anchoring and installation within the normal service area?

Yes, yes and yes. The specific prices on the following pages for car ports include anchoring, shipping and installation on your level site within our service area in the states of GA, SC, NC, VA, TN, WV, KY & OH.



How long before my carport is installed?
For local orders (most parts of Georgia), our estimated delivery time is usually 1-3 weeks. In other areas, our estimated delivery time is usually 2-4 weeks. Weather/holiday permitting. 



Can I have my carport custom sized?
Yes. For example you may need a carport that is 21' wide x 23' long. We will make it that size. To determine the cost it would be the exact same cost as the next larger standard size carport. So, for this example it would be the same cost as a 22' wide x 26' long carport. This formula would apply in every circumstance.



Can I choose my own colors?
You may choose one color for the roof, a different color for the trim, a different color for the sides and if a gable end is desired a different color for it at no additional charge. You may also choose to make all of the colors the same on your structure, it's your choice. Please note that we do have four colors that are an up charge if used on metal other than trim. The upcharged colors are 26 guage steel.


Do I have to pay sales tax?

Your local sales tax will be charged. Please let us know if you have an exemption before your order is placed.



What if my ground is not level?

Normal installations allow for the ground to be 3-4 inches out of level. If the ground is more than 4” out of level, please contact us to discuss customize leveling.



What if I want to just get a carport now, and later on have installers come back to put sides on to make it a garage? Is that possible?

It sure is! There is no delivery/installation charge for orders over $500.



What width carport is good for 2 cars?

A double carport is usually considered to be 18’ wide, although most people like to go to a 20’ wide unit.



Can I have this installed on a wood floor or deck?




How long does it take to assemble?

Carports usually take anywhere from 1-8 hours to assemble depending on the options that were ordered.



If I order a side drop panel, how far down the side will it go, or how much coverage can I expect?

Side drop panels come down 3 feet. You can get a half of a drop panel or more than one.   



Is financing available?

Financing is available in most areas. Please contact us for further assistance.



What are my payment options?

We accept cash, major debit/credit cards, checks and money orders. There is a charge to pay with credit/debit for more than the down payment. We do take payments over the phone. 



I have other questions or concerns. How can I talk to someone?

You can give us a call at (478)746-0001, drop us a message under the Contact Us tab, or email us at


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