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We have a great selection of portable storage buildings and sheds!
We carry multiple styles of buildings from multiple different manufacturers to
get you the perfect building. You can choose one on the lot
or customize one just for you! 
We carry aluminum, steel, masonite, t-1-11, cedar, vinyl,
painted wood, and stained wood buildings.
FREE Delivery & Set Up!
We provide blocks and pressure treated wedges to level your building so you don't have to 
worry about a thing!
We offer Rent-to-Own with NO CREDIT CHECK & financing. No security deposit! 
For pricing information, stop by one of our offices or give us a call at 478-746-0001.
Take a look at popular styles/types below:


As low as $40 per month!

High Loft (Available in all siding types)

Storage Shed, Cabin
Lofted Storage Barn
Lofted Storage Barn
Lofted Storage Barn

Standard Aluminum (Multiple Siding Patterns Available)

Portable Garage
Portable Garage
Storage Shed with Porch
Storage Shed
Portable Garage
Storage Shed
Storage Shed

Boxed Eve / Big Boxed Eve with Aluminum Siding

Stained Traditional Wood T-1-11 Siding

Painted Wood (Smart Siding)

Choose from one of our standard colors or custom match it to your house at no additional charge!

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